The Circle(s) of Life

In collaboration with Hadeel Ayed Mohammad and Veronika Volkova

Project entry awarded 2nd prize in the Archstorming's African School Project Competition

Project published in African School Project: Education for the Future


Situated in the arid and rural terrain of the Nkhotakota district in Malawi, the parish of Benga is established to become a beacon of communal and spiritual learning. Its inhabitants, members of the Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle, spearhead a mission to not only bring the presence of Christianity to the local populace, but to also plant the seed for a sustainable way of life. The goal is to create a platform in which principles like higher education, gender equality, health safety, and the means to pursue a better standard of living are universal by nature and accessible to all. In a context where majority of the local communities are under-educated and live well below the poverty line, such ambitions are ever so paramount.