Exterior Render 1.jpg


In collaboration with Hadeel Ayed Mohammad and Veronika Volkova

Project entry awarded honorable mention in the Bee Breeders' Adelaide Creative Community Hub Competition


In a city of festivals, there exists a dynamic accretion of energy manifested through adaptation, and cultural celebrations. This energy, though ephemeral at times, is never stagnant and continues to evolve through the will of its people’s imagination. Using “pop-ups, pavilions and architecture,” the city of Adelaide has continued to demonstrate its ingenuity in placemaking that is depicted by its ever-changing performative motifs. Given such a rich and vibrant identity, it seems only fitting that any design intervention must challenge and elevate the status quo of a present innovative community. 

This project seeks to harness that creativity by means of extending and amplifying the vibrant culture that is Adelaide’s creative social landscape. The process is to utilize a series of deployable carts that are flexible, and tailor-fitted to the desires of the “temporal” communities. Whether it is a modest meeting between two entrepreneurs or a large performative gathering, a field condition can be generated as needed. The carts embody a “make as you will” mentality, where space is shaped and reshaped as the venues change. Since no two programs are alike, it is essential that the carts permit an ease of operation and transformation. Notions of privacy are dictated by the accumulation of modular intensity. From the spectacle to the spectacular, they blur the boundaries between the different disciplines within the creative field.

Architecture should not hold the occupants hostage within the constraints of its formal identity, but instead, it encourages their spontaneity and adaptiveness by providing the spaces to do so. Basic amenities such as egress and washrooms are kept at a minimal to allow a maximal number of programmatic configurations. Hydraulic lifts anchor the ends to mitigate the carts not only between levels, but onto the urban realm as well. The site itself becomes no more than a focal point for which the citizens of Adelaide can project their visions and desires...